About these 16 pads

Every pad is different, yet they musically work well with each other. The pads are mostly complex and interesting chords with character, rather than basic triads.
No pad has an identical chord, and playing with hard velocities can give cool expressive results depending on the synth.

Production Tips & Tricks

Velocities: When using the chords, be aware that full velocities will sound sonically very different from half velocitie, as many hardware and software synths have velocity sensitive features, such as: filters, envelopes, shapers and so on..

Using a monophonic synth sound such as a lead or bass means that only one note out of the chord will play, this means you can jam out Leads, Basslines, Melodies and Riffs as well as Chords.

Mother Ducker Input: You can use this AKAI plug in on your beats and then the Mother Ducker on your 001 Philly Disco notes to create a pumping, side chain effect which sounds really cool..

Kordbot: Add the notes from the PDF into your Kordbot for extra musical options, when you are in creative mode.

MPC Arp Mode: The MPC has a very awesome Arpeggiator, which has many special menus with cool features.. so when you load up 001 Philly Disco, press the Note Repeat which will put it into Arp mode, hit the latch button, and cycle through all the Arp options, see the “variations”, also try the Action feature selection where you can have 001 Philly Disco triggered via the Pattern and the variations, 

Also finally play with the note length for extra vibes.