01 Movement

Our sound library offers a diverse collection of organic elements, meticulously crafted from studio recordings, to enhance the most delicate sound designs. Categorised by verbs, it includes scuttles, footsteps, and insect interactions with various surfaces. The ‘slither’ section features tamer, slimy sounds suitable for wet organic matter, while ‘swarms & colonies’ capture the bustling activity of insects. These assets, ranging from maggot movements to critter swarms, are perfect for detailed macro sound design, adding realism to scenes teeming with insects or brimming with gory details.

02 Flight & Wings

Our “Flight & Wings” collection is a meticulously crafted assortment of wing sounds, offering a spectrum of speeds, textures, and movements. From the rapid buzzing of mosquitoes to the gentle flapping of butterflies, each sound is designed with texture, tone, and dynamics in mind, providing onomatopoeic descriptors for easy selection. The library features a vast tonal range, with wings that move from 5 to 500 times per second, and includes unfolding, pass-bys, hovers, and landings. Additionally, our bee swarm sounds, which can house up to 40,000 bees, double as eerie drones when pitched down. We’ve developed unique tools and techniques to replicate insect wing sounds, with slow-motion effects suitable for cinematic applications like helicopters or whooshes.

03 Lifecycle

The “Lifecycle” section in our sound library narrates a complex auditory tale, featuring hatching, cocoons, and eggs, offering versatility for sound design. With over 85 sounds depicting the act of eating, these can be adapted for other creatures, especially when altered in pitch. The “Fight” section is rich with detailed sounds of tears, sprays, swipes, splats, and more, suitable for various organic actions. Our “Macro Life Cycle” sounds are captured with hyper-realistic detail, utilising numerous mics and techniques to achieve the exaggerated realism necessary for this evocative category. Whether it’s the intricate sounds of insect life or the visceral noises of combat, our library provides a wide array of sounds to bring your projects to life.

04 Actions

Our library encompasses a wide array of insect movements, from the delicate web spinning of spiders to the dynamic launches and landings of various insects like butterflies and critters. We’ve meticulously designed sounds for different surfaces upon which these creatures land, often pairing takeoff and landing sounds for continuity. The kinetic energy of water boatmen skimming across water surfaces has been authentically replicated, with careful attention to sound levels for realism. The tensile strength of spider webs and the panic of ensnared prey are captured with hyper-real precision, using custom materials for sound manipulation. Additionally, our slow-motion action sounds offer versatility for organic material sound design, ensuring high fidelity even in slowed-down audio. Whether it’s the intricate dance of a spider weaving its web or the sudden leap of an insect, our collection provides the detailed sounds necessary for immersive soundscapes.

05 Macro

Our sound library captures the essence of insect life, offering a range of macro sounds from eye movements to larva heartbeats. These detailed recordings are perfect for creating unique soundscapes and can be manipulated for innovative effects, such as reversing or time-stretching, to suit various creative needs. Whether for realistic sound design or abstract audio elements, our high-fidelity sounds provide a versatile toolkit for artists.

06 Slow Motion

Our library’s slow motion sounds offer a cinematic quality, with transitions that perfectly depict the deceleration of video. Designed to simulate air movements at varying speeds, these sounds are ideal for any slow-paced element, from snail’s-pace to bullet-time. Slow motion launches add depth to explosive scenes, and the magnified flaps of insect wings create powerful gusts while maintaining creature authenticity. Reversing these sounds can produce contrasting effects, and when birdsong is pitched down, it creates ethereal, otherworldly atmospheres. These slow sounds enrich the lower end of the sound spectrum, adding fullness to your audio creations. Whether for dramatic effect or subtle background layers, our collection provides a versatile range of sounds for your projects.