Title The Light Series Collection
Vendor Radium.
Series The Light Series
Genres Fantasy, Magic, Christmas, Sleek ....
No. of Files 435
Total Size 4.37 GB
Sample Rate 96 kHz / 48 kHz
Bit Rate 4608 kbps / 2304 kbps
File Format WAV / AIFF
Total Length 02:06:06
Total Bits 34864128
Highest Frequency 48 kHz
Lowest Frequency 20 Hz
Most Common Frequency 17332 Hz
Timbral Colours Chart Ultra Hi Freq
Longest Sound SND001_Sparkle Bed_Dime Pattering @ 02:14
Shortest Sound SND001_Spells_Poofffs_Cystal Chasm Poofff @ 00:01
Loudest Sound SND001_Freeze_Pearlescent @ -0.1dB
Quietest Sound SND002_Gentle Shimmer_Meistro @ -23.1dB
Sum Max. RMS Level -2.10dB
Sum Min. RMS Level -10.31dB
Sum Max. momentary loudness -1.7 LUFS
Amount Of Chimes Used TBC
Sum Loudness -20dB TruePeak

THE LIGHT SERIES COLLECTION. All five sound libraries in one bundle!

Sparkles in Motion Reflection & Shimmers Holographic Beams Hall of Mirrors Luminous Highlights