Our Ethos

Our Ethos is providing the best tools to make music and sound design easy, fun and inspiring for anyone. Made by beat makers and producers who wanted quick solutions to writer's block and tools to overcome any lack of music theory knowledge.

The Noise Ratio All Star Team

Our team is varied and we listen to music all the time, from the newest releases back to the old school foundations. We love the complete spectrum of sounds and music, from Nashville, to LA, Europe, Korea, Japan and beyond. From the NYC underground all the way to England and Bristol’s Drum & Bass Jungle roots, to London's eclectic cutting edge beats, grime and UKG resurgence. Even to our guilty pleasure pop, cheese, dark Berlin room electronic music, Ibiza VIP area and more relaxed beach clubs to earthy folk music, soulful gospel all the way to heavy Scandinavian metal and cutting edge Neuro beats and high end sound designed experimental music. Sound and music to us is the portal to other dimensions, and we want to explore them with all of you!


Midi Melodies