About The Noise Ratio

About The Noise Ratio

We are new kids on the block when it comes to The Noise Ratio, however we have been around for a while crafting sound worlds for films, music, tv, brands and beyond…

We are an Emmy Award-winning team with over 300+ Film Trailers credits, 100s of TV Shows and 100s of successful brand projects.
Our thing is hyper original sound source & visuals, focusing on creative quality control and ease of use with our products, tools, assets, and merchandise.

We are open to new ideas, evolution in our craft, learning & figuring out how to do stuff with our team and collaborators. Our main thing is that we are here to serve quality products that are simple to use, and we are also interested in collaborating with independent specialist creators of original sound, music, and visuals.

We are new... see anything wrong or you’re not happy with then please tell us, see anything right and you are happy with… please tell the world. Share, tag us and send us a screen shot. Sign up to the early birds to get automatically added to our regular prize draw - Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators.

Peace.. The Noise Ratio.