Henry David Thoreau


1. Where's my download?

After you successfully complete payment, you will be able to download your digital purchase direct from the website.  Additionally, you will be sent an email with a download link included. This download link email is separate to your order confirmation email. If you can't immediately see these emails in your inbox, please check your spam, bin, deleted items, or "all mail" folder. If after 30 minutes you still haven't received your emails, contact us on for assistance.


2. I'm shopping on a mobile device but I want to get my download at my desktop.  How do I do that?

An email download link will always be sent to your email address.  So even if you buy our digital products on a mobile device, you can easily wait and download later on when you are at your desktop.


3. Which payment methods do you accept?

Right now we accept most credit and debit cards, and Paypal.


4. Why can't I get my credit card payment to go through?

The most common reason for credit card payment problems is a bank verification mismatch of name or address details held on file for the card. Other reasons can be a typing error with the card details, or insufficient funds. Occasionally, if you are making the purchase from an unusual location or for an unusually large value, your bank may automatically block the transaction for your own security, and you will need to contact them to personally authorise it.


5. Can I get a refund on my digitally downloaded product?

We don't offer refunds on digitally downloaded products. You can find further detail in our complete Refund Policy here.


6. I have a usage or licensing query about one of your sound libraries, sample libraries, or other creative tools. Where can I find answers?

There is a pdf license included with the download zip file for all our sound libraries, sample libraries, and other creative tools. Usage, licensing and contact information is included there.  Sometimes your licence will be issued by The Noise Ratio, other times it will come directly from our third party creators.  If you have a query which is not covered in your download documention, email and we'll do our best to point you in the right direction.


7. I paid for and downloaded music tracks from your website.  Do I own them now?  Can I do whatever I want with them?

Like most downloaded music purchases from other similar sites, upon payment any music tracks you buy from us are licensed to you for personal, noncommercial use only.  You can store and copy the files, so long as this is on devices you own and it's for your own personal, noncommercial use.  The rights for any commercial or promotional usages are not included with your purchase.  If you have any queries about this email


8. I'm having technical problems with one of your sample packs.  How do I get help?

Email all the details to us at, and we'll do our best to help solve the problem!

9. I'm using Windows 7. I sometimes get an error message when I unzip your libraries. Why is that?

Some older software like WinRar or WinZip for Windows 7 cannot manage some of the modern metadata files and that's the error you see. All content is complete. Those MacOS files - in the '_MACOSX' folder inside the zip - are totally useless for you, they are only used on Mac systems, so just ignore the message and enjoy your sounds!

10. What shipping options do you offer on physical goods?

All our physical goods re shipped via secure tracked & signed service. For further detail check out our full Shipping Policy here.


11. My query isn't answered above?

Email us on and we'll do our best to assist.