We are super excited to share with you our Official Midi Melodies Merchandise
"Midi Melodies is the official home of the Instant hooks, riffs and grooves"

Yes ... So finally.... We have a Mini Range of Mugs, Stickers and Funky T-Shirts - EXCLUSIVE - DESIGN - you make it sound good, finish it off with a brew, and funky T-Shirt...
Featuring, Little Miss-Diskette. SanDi , Tech-Nic, OG MP-See, and our Funky Backdrop which is just Loonacy Folks !
So Awesome super-dooper fly creators .. we know ... that Crafting fast .. amazing tracks, with fresh music vibes, musical sketches and really doing this really really quickly …. should be landed with a Cup of your favorite drink
which is why we have brought to you our first generation of MIDI MELODIES - MERCH - MUGS & CUPS & STICKERS