Sound Recordist / Sound Editor

Mission: "Master the Art of Sound: Join Our Cutting-Edge Audio Team."
Company: The Noise Ratio
Location: Remote (work from home - offsite)
Compensation: Competitive PaymentTerms: Payment in full within 7 days of project signoff
(normally freelance is 30 days)
Commitment: Regular Freelance Work + Location Sound Work + Travel
Contact: Please send your CV and a selection of your edited recordings to
Portfolios: Definition: Behance, Dribble, Pinterest, PDF, if you are just starting out - don't worry - send a PDF with your creativity - everyone started somewhere!
Job Title: Sound Recordist / Sound Editor - The Noise Ratio


As a sound recordist and editor, you embody a blend of artistic flair and technical expertise. This role demands a keen imagination and the ability to spot potential sounds in everyday objects, from the squeak of inexpensive slippers to the unique bark of a dog. Unlike typical audio roles that rely on pre-recorded free and purchased sound packs, Our work involves constant exploration of your sound craft —from thrift stores to bustling streets—to capture unique sounds that bring scenes to life in films, games, longform and other media.

You'll often know in advance what you need to record, As we plan and prepare everything allowing you to prepare thoroughly, test equipment, and execute precision recording sessions as part of our dedicated "sonic hitsquad." Your job is to record sounds from the mundane, which you will then prepare and edit for the sound library, the extraordinary audio experiences heard in major Hollywood productions.

This position demands sharp auditory skills and meticulous technical prowess to expertly capture and refine sounds. Bring your passion and your baseline skills; while we are not an educational facility, we are committed to helping you enhance your abilities and seamlessly integrate into this dynamic role. Come as you are and grow with us! Responsibilities include bringing your best self , getting stuck into recording tests, documenting potential sound sources on location, managing recording setups, and post-editing, naming, and archiving well curated edited sounds. You'll work closely with the rest of the sound team to share and utilise these audio assets which will be used on the Noise Ratio - and by a large array of uses such as films, TV shows, live theatre, and more.

This is a craft that demands passion and precision—traits that ensure the subtlest pin drop or the loudest explosion are captured faithfully. As a sound recordist/editor, you are at the forefront of audio innovation, turning everyday noises into aural masterpieces. Be Bold.


The Noise Ratio is a start-up online retailer of creative tools and accessories. You will see we are seeking a visual team, and also a talented sound team with fresh ideas, possibly already graduated or a hobbyist with an awesome social presence with loads of flair, to work on productions and sound recordings, editing and assisting sound designers for our ongoing product releases. You Will not be bored.

When you join our experienced and tight-knit team, your design skills will not only be appreciated but celebrated. United by a shared passion for creativity, our team thrives on inspiration and the continuous growth of our skills and projects. We will regularly as a team take part in upskilling sessions together - Curious? Dive in and apply to be part of our creative journey!


Sound Recording (Field & In Studio)

To ensure the capture of authentic sounds from diverse environments, meticulous preparation and research are vital. To capture authentic sounds from diverse environments, high-quality recording gear and specific techniques are essential. This process includes choosing suitable microphones, adjusting recording settings for sound clarity, and applying techniques like positioning and isolation to truly represent the sound. It also involves testing various setups and post-processing to enhance the audio. The aim is to faithfully reproduce the original sound, from vibrant urban sounds to the delicate sounds of nature, requiring careful selection of equipment and methods for top-quality recordings.


Preparation is the hidden foundation upon which creativity thrives. It sets the stage for innovation and allows artists and professionals to push the boundaries of their craft. By investing time in preparation, we gather the necessary resources and insights, cultivating an environment where imagination can flourish. This groundwork ensures that when a moment of inspiration strikes, we are ready to act, transform ideas into reality, and achieve groundbreaking results. Thus, preparation does not merely support creativity; it is essential to unleashing its full potential.

Sound Library & Database Management

Effective management of sound libraries is crucial for maintaining a functional and high-quality resource for sound designers. Mastery of metadata management is essential to curate and maintain a continuously evolving sound library. This involves rigorous categorization, archiving, and naming conventions that not only preserve the integrity of the files but also enhance accessibility and usability. By employing a systematic approach to file management, we ensure that each sound is meticulously catalogued, making it readily available for creative use while upholding the highest standards of data quality and coherence.

Sound Equipment Competency

In the realm of sound engineering, your expertise is shaped by the tools you wield. Like a surgeon meticulously selecting instruments for a delicate operation, a sound technician must skillfully choose and deploy their equipment to meet the unique demands of each project. Staying abreast of emerging technologies and mastering new tools and techniques are as crucial. In the swiftly evolving landscape of technology, adaptability is key. Continuously honing your skills transforms new tools and technologies into opportunities for innovation and creativity. - Watch, Listen, Practice & Document.


The Noise Ratio is a creative company where knowledge-sharing is paramount. As part of our sound team, you’ll blend your expertise with various disciplines. Your role? To excel in sound recording techniques while staying up-to-date with industry developments. Whether in-house or freelance, you’ll contribute to major sound events—like creating the soundscape for “Dune.” below contains the formats that the team individually have to keep up to date with latest developments.

You will eventually be invited to join the company’s internal platforms, including the internal journal of diary, blog, and research documents. You’ll have the opportunity to assist in maintaining the team’s current knowledge base. Additionally, you’ll gain access to skill enhancement resources available to both our team and external collaborators.

### Responsibilities

  • Set up, maintain, and operate sound recording equipment in studio and on-location settings
  • Record and edit audio using industry-standard software and hardware
  • Maintain and organise sound libraries, including metadata and file management
  • Collaborate with audio engineers, producers, and other creatives to bring sound design concepts to life
  • Experiment with new technologies and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices. Via discords, blogs, pods, BTS videos etc.
  • Editing the Raw recordings into clean edited assets for adding into the evolving sound library - such as Sound restoration / Cleanup / DeNoise - Meta Tagging the edited files
  • Cleaning up the historial sound server of the company along with other team members

### Requirements

  • Owns recording kit, and is already recording sounds for own use
  • Owns a working computer, with stable internet connection
  • Working understanding of sound recording principles and techniques
  • Proficient in using industry-standard audio software, including Pro Tools, Logic Pro, and Ableton Live. Bitwig, Max
  • Past Experience with sound design, mixing, and mastering
  • Past Experience with audio restoration ( e.g. Izotope RX)
  • Friendly and Authentic communication and interpersonal skills
  • Important to learn the ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Willingness to work on building a strong attention to detail and a commitment to quality, and persistent in keenness to expand your skillset
  • Adaptable to learn how to think in a Creative, research and learning mindset

### Bonus Skills ( Nice to Have )

  • Experience with hardware synthesisers, samplers, and outboard gear
  • Knowledge of analog mixing consoles or mixing techniques
  • Learning new technology such as Familiarity with cutting-edge audio technologies, such as AI tools and machine learning

### Benefits

  • Competitive salary and benefits package
  • Opportunities for professional growth and development
  • Work in a creative and collaborative environment with a talented team

Final Creative Words..

We’re eager to explore your sound portfolio and look forward to potentially collaborating to produce extraordinary audio experiences! Our toolkit is vast, encompassing the entire spectrum of sound creation—from field recordings to modular synthesis, to vintage tape effects. We’ll craft some of these in-house, blending them into our digital compositions, allowing you to work with unique, vibrant, and genuine soundscapes, as well as the latest software, fresh samples, and premium sound libraries to unleash your creativity.

Peace out. - Be Audacious, submit your application, and get creative! … BE BOLD

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