A Noise Ratio Open Manifesto

Dear Reader here is our open and evolving manifesto. Firstly this is about who we are, and about how we can help you. We are a creative & manufacturing studio. based in the UK.

Our intension is to have an inclusive, open door environment for anyone, anywhere, who has the talent, drive and ambition to create new works for commercial & artistic use. Based on you getting in touch, sending demos, ideas and sharing your concept you want to see happen.

At our base in the United Kingdom, we have music creation lab, recording studios, mixing & mastering studio, as well as music duplication facilities, visual design & print studios, and print finishing.
We also have interactive abilities, and the ability to creative marketing that us fresh and get the job done.

We also have a strong team of 9 who are super creative, ambitious and friendly.. As we have started from not having the tools at our disposal, to now having the ability to go from concept on a Monday to final product by Friday and we know that having access to tools & project management means you can take your creative ideas to the next level.

So.... what does this mean for you? We'll think about what you would like to create and sell on The Noise Ratio.
Sound Design packs, made from 100s of small objects, or Print A3 Posters made on screen printing machines.
How about a zine, about creativity, sound, music, ideas, learning or just an awesome collage of images..

What about writing music demos based on our sound libraries, and you become a music content creator for our sound packs, and what about if we then mix & master and release to the general public on a new music label..

How about sound design libraries, foley packs, music sample packs, MPC packs, Machine Packs, etc.
What about if you are a visual designer, and you want to create graphic design for our music labels?
How about designing some A3 posters we can sell on the shop? Its open to you .. and we have facilities to make this happen.. We also are keen to meet those who can teach others, we have full facilities, to film, edit and create learning tools, digitally and print

How do you make this happen? download the open submission pdf, and follow the explainer on how to submit for creative review.

See here for a list of things you could create... by yourself, have us mix, master, collaborate, design and then manufacture it with you and sell on the shop, as team.

We can only manage so many creative ideas at once.. As quality control and developing things that matter take time and focus.. so follow the PDF when submitting your ideas

We have all the tools and in-house project management team to help you bring your ideas to a general public who love fresh tools, and kick ass creative stuff.

Check the list here of ideas which we would like to explore... with you ..

01 - New music ideas based on our Sound libraries - Download the demo pack, send us your creative ideas..
02 - Sound Design Pack ideas - send us your written or sonic ideas, lets chat ..
03 - Graphic Designers - who want to print & sell your posters in A3 on our shop
04 - Zine & Visual Designers, who want to print & sell zines on our shop
05 - Music writers who want to create, mix and master in our studio and then manufacture with us
06 - Sound Editors, who have foley recorded and want to output on our shop (we will design the packaging)
07 - Graphics & visual designers who want to design packs, instagram content for our shop

Are you, music writers, graphic designer, typographic, motion design, sound designer, musicians, beat maker, foley artist, sound editor, zine creator, illustrator, filmographer