Best Ingredients Series


Best Ingredients Sample Series is an underground Sound design label focusing on short and sweet sound packs for music producers, artists and creators. The series is designed ready for you to sprinkle the sounds straight into your projects adding sweetness, spice,  and extra flavours, whether you’re creating on the fly or as part of a deeper mix.

These packs have been designed specifically using a wide range of hardware synths, foley, outboard, and FX units carefully considered to work for you, the producer.  All Best Ingredients Sample Packs, made by the Besties and Guests, are mixed on Solid State Logic boards and sculpted using only the finest ingredients we could source, and the latest and most hi-tech industrial grade appliances to process them before serving up to you!

Best Ingredients Sample Series is designed to give you quick, bite-sized sound packs which speed up production, giving you awesome mini collections of ear candy ready to drop into your mixes, productions, edits and samplers. Best Ingredients Sample Series is true to its manifesto, “Best Sounds, Small Packs, Useful and Uniquely Flavoursome”. We care about the latest vibes and productions, serving up pocket sized, fun and easy to use packs, no further explanation needed. Best Ingredients will feature a wide range of music genres and styles and come from the underground scenes around the world.