If you were a Transformer… you’d be Optimus Design

Visual Designers - We are a small team, about to push our creative exploration, in traditional, experimental and hyper modern dzn techniques - We want YOU to join us !

Perfect PAID role for a Graduate or INTERN visual design obsessive, who is focussed & feeling ready to push forward  - Sound like you? Yes? Good, well read on! 

We are at the beginning stages. so we will explore a lot of creative, technical and physical design, with a focus on delivering.

You’ll be working with us on It’s a new creative portal for everything to do with creativity with the ethos of “Disrupt or be disrupted”.

Want to join the team for a 3 month Visual Internship? Apply NOW!

Read on for more info on the role: 

Hi Visual creatives! Do you want to get involved with a small but serious team who are aspiring to take our visuals to the next level? Yes? Good, well read on! 

You’ll be working with us on . It’s a new creative portal for everything to do with audio and sound. With a visual side soon to join it with the ethos of “Disrupt or be disrupted”.

So what does that mean? It means we are seeking a new team member to join us as we up-skill our work to the next level.

We are looking for someone who wants to kick ass, be part of something, be challenged, get creative, print shit, do stuff, work with other creatives who are sound based. Do visuals which you are PROUD of! As opposed to day to day “client” stuff.

We already work in the sound game, and have many awards. (see here)

Now we want our visual team to push it above and beyond, research and innovate.

Why should you care? Because we’ll be there with you. Open, honest, reliable, passionate and genuinely wanting the best for you, us and our creative endeavours.   

What we want is to find someone who wants to approach the next generation of visual design. From a structured, well researched and focussed point of view.

We will explore a lot of creative, technical and physical design, focussed on delivering.

Send in your applications now to: or 

Big loves & Respect. Radium / The Noise Ratio /



  • Visual Digital and Hands on Creative
  • Working on Next Gen Software, Sound Tools, Online Creative, Risograph Print, Digital Productions, Music Manufacturing
  • 3 Month Internship - In-house Bristol & On Location (Bristol's Huge Film Studios - The Bottle yard Studios)
  • Creative, Physical Photo Session Prep, Editing, Creative Layout, Colour Grading, Graphic Design & Layouts
  • Interested in Visual Design, Music, Social Media Layout & Conceptual Visuals
  • Want to work with a team, of professionals & be excited by visuals & sound
  • Work with Emmy award winning sound team & visual team


  • Reliable
  • Self Learning
  • Team Worker
  • Interested in learning new ideas
  • Organised with Files & Naming
  • Self Motivated - bring solutions
  • Able to See & Arrange Photo Props & Kit
  • Social Media Knowledge (Formats, and Postings etc)


  • Laptop for on-site - The Bottleyard Studios
  • Adobe Skills (Photoshop, Lightroom. After Effects / Premiere Pro would be useful)
  • Access to own Car

Response Requirements for Submission

  • CV & Cover Letter with Introduction Sentence
  • Introduction Sentence which expresses why you would be a good intern for this role
  • A few sentences, which are to the point about what you would bring to the role. To give us an understanding of why we should choose you.
  • Any Digital Online Portfolio you have - Youtube, Blogs, Instagram etc A PDF Downloadable Portfolio - of your work
  • Interest in Hardware - (any online demonstration of interest. Share any links, or demonstrable interest)
  • Any questions you have for us, please put these into bullet points
  • Contact info & please be aware this is in Bristol, UK at The Bottleyard Studios, Whitchurch, BS14 0BH
  • Dates: TBC Autumn 2021

Example of a 2 Week Focus

  • Monday - Photography Session Set Up
  • Tuesday - Photography Full Day - Managing Images & Props
  • Wednesday - Adobe, Photography, Layout, Grading & Naming
  • Thursday - Music Releases Artwork & Sound FX Artwork
  • Friday - Artwork for Posting Across 5 Social Media Channels
  • Monday - Working with External Artist & Applying Layout Ideas
  • Tuesday - Visual Mood Boards & Layout Experimentation
  • Wednesday - Updating Social Media Posts
  • Thursday - Researching & Layout for Visual Props
  • Friday - Sound Recording Session Assistance & Behind the Scenes

Please send submissions to: or