The World's Best Insects Sound Design Collection


Emmy award winning Radium Audio finally presents to you the world's most definitive Insect Sound Design collection ever created! A hybrid of authentic Insects and Hyper designed Entomology crafted from one of the most extreme sound design teams in the world. Radium the Emmy Award Winning team with over 400+ Film trailer credits.

 Introducing… The World's Best Insect Sound Design Library. 

We took a long and experimental approach to designing this collection of incredible sounds using Rare Microphones designed to record the heartbeat of a snail. Miniaturised custom-made machines, designed to simulate insect wings, flight, motion & nature recordings with macro small detail, lots of bugs, sweat and tears. We finally finished it!

10 years in the making.

Created with extensive research, recordings, talent and over a decade of experience poured into every part of this Library. It’s the full spectrum sound collection of everything micro, detailed and organic.

High quality, kinetic, activated ear, close-up, dynamic and extreme, Insects are dramatically crafted designed sounds are now exclusively available to you here at The Noise Ratio. Lots of Ambiences yes however.. we are in it for the action, the swoosh, the prey, and defensive leaps, the wing refraction on water..

Those close up, macro miniature detailed sounds we have needed for years.. but could never find.. Lush from the smallest wing flutter to the most extreme sound design crafted insect entomology. The library is designed for Industry experts within film, tv, media, advertising as well as sound designers and music, sound installation and beyond, this collection has so much packed into it.

What type of sounds are in this library? 

From the smallest wing sound, miniature insects eating, fighting and killing, to close ups of slugs slithering and huge slow motion wing flaps and absolutely everything in-between. This library has sounds which wrap around your senses and sounds which are hyper vividly bone crunching in some bizarre morphing otherworldly use. 100% all you need for BBC style documentary making but also sounds which augment help you design more abstract and sounds which feel like you have shrunk into the strange unique world of ghost following insects.. Check this to hear what we mean.

Every Insect sound you need is covered extensively using cutting edge custom sound design techniques. Covering everything from their Movements, Flights & Wings, Lifecycle, Actions and Micro Details to the Abstract with Slow Motion, Eye Movements and Alien Signatures. This library can be used for so much more!

How do you use it?

Drag and Drop over 1000+ designed sounds to play with, crafted at 96kHZ and containing over 8GB+ of Insectoid awesomeness. The sounds are delivered to you in well-thought-out categories, crafted with usefulness in mind. Use the vast selection of different sizes, actions and variations of sounds for you to drag in and sync to your scenes. From a single ant, to a colony of ants. 

Check out the demos and narrative videos, dive in and explore our Insect sound world.

Emmy Award Winning Radium Audio finally presents to you the most definitive Insects Sound Library ever created!


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