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Submit your own music made using 'Midi Melodies' & WIN AN AKAI MPC STUDIO II

Finally it's here! - The most exciting Chord Progression Packs in history are finally available for anyone to get their hands on, followed by a competition giveaway which gives back to all the talented artists and upcoming producer's who are waiting for their shot! We have given our all into making Midi Melodies the most forward thinking tool in the modern producer's arsenal. Giving anyone the musical palette which can take their music into the next realm and evolving your sound! So now we are sharing it with you, 'Midi Melodies' is the go-to weapon for all music heads and producers alike, the secret sauce we've all been looking for! It's time to Jam Different, and move music forward!


Open to ANYONE who wants to submit music tracks that have been made with 'Midi Melodies' Progressions. During 2022!

How to WIN and keep WINNING.. Just download the FREE Midi Melodies Progression which includes a multi-formatted version, ready for:

  • Akai MPC
  • Logic Pro X - Chord Trigger
  • Ableton Live - Midi Effect Rack
  • Bitwig - Midi Chain
  • Cubase - Chord Pads
  • Xfer Records - Cthulhu

So get inspired and make some bangers! Submit your tracks & WIN! Get paid to make regular demos for our 'Midi Melodies' Packs..

Start by signing up HERE:

* indicates required

Then follow these simple steps;

  1. 1. Receive and download the FREE Demo Pack we send you.
  2. 2. Download the WeTransfer Zipped Folder
  3. 3. Install & Start Instantly Jamming - Any Genre & Any Style!
  4. 4. Create a track or two which is 2 min's or longer
  5. 5. Read the Submission PDF which explains what you need to send to us:
    • Your tracks as 48Khz WAV.
    • Your Name, and Contact info.
    • Your Track's Title, Genre, Tempo, & Key.
    • Write a bit about yourself if you would like to.
    • Do you want to be part of our Demo Team ? Yes/No
    • Sell your demo on the shop & get paid with each download.
    • You will also be included in the Spotify Playlist.


Akai MPC Studio II
Adding to the MPC lineup, the new MPC Studio II delivers a serious music production and recording system for the modern music creator. The new MPC Studio II redefines tactile control with a hardware offering that intuitively delivers a modern and deep level of command over the music production process.

Together with the MPC2 Desktop Software DAW for both Mac and PC, MPC Studio offers a total creation package for the serious modern beat-maker and music producer.

MPC Studio II Features
  • Complete MPC system with hardware and MPC2 Desktop Software DAW for Mac and PC.
  • 16 velocity sensitive RGB MPC pads with aftertouch.
  • Assignable Touch Strip for dynamic expression.
  • Colour LCD Screen for vibrant feedback.
  • Iconic MPC workflows including Quantize, Note Repeat, and 16 Levels.
  • MPC 2 Software with Vocal Effects Suite, MPC Plugin Instruments, and 100+ plugins from AIR Music Tech.

Midi Melodies