Here you will find the 'Midi Melodies' FAQ answering all the questions you might have on 'Midi Melodies' Progressions:

What the FAQ are 'Midi Melodies'?
For years, we have had a secret weapon. A set of tools so next level they allowed us to Jam Different each time! We have never shared any of it till now.. WHY? Because it was our magic bullet, our secret sauce.. It's not going to instantly give you chart success, but BOY is it quick, useful, and is addictively awesome in getting towards that goal of next gen music.. Lets see how quickly you can get an amazing track going! So now we are Officially sharing these with you! 'Midi Melodies'.. so go on check em out.. Listen to the demos, watch some videos, and even submit your tracks to win an MPC and join the Noise Ratio Team.. Jam Different!

"Midi Melodies is the official home of the Instant hooks, riffs and grooves"
'Midi Melodies' are Akai Pro MPC formatted and Midi formatted 16 Pad Chord Progressions. These are 16 Chords which are laid out in a musical progression. Each pad is a single chord and forms part of a harmonious musical piece. Essentially, it's a song with just the chords, giving you the chance to craft your own music easily from a solid starting point, enabling you to focus on rhythm, groove, and vibes rather than worrying about theory and making chords yourself. These progressions are mostly complex and interesting chords with character and emotion, rather than just basic triads. Downloadable and immediately ready to use, based on chord combos which dial into a rich style, and genre specific, 16 Pads per Progression.. each unlocks a potential hit making vibe from the get go!

Any Further Questions?
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