Here you will find tutorial videos on how to install the Midi Melodies Progressions:

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Nuts & Bolts Tutorial - MPC Live Progressions Install
In this video, we show you how to install progressions on your MPC Live. This is also applicable to the MPC X, MPC One, and MPC Studio.

Nuts & Bolts Tutorial - MPC Beats Progressions Install
In this video, we show you how you can set up Midi Melodies progressions on the COMPLETELY FREE software MPC Beats, making Midi Melodies progressions available to anyone.

You can download MPC Beats for FREE here:


Install quickly and get Jamming Immediately!
All ‘Midi Melodies’ Progressions once dropped into the progressions folder, will appear in your Progressions menu on the MPC hardware and software. They will automatically create their own folder called ‘Midi Melodies’ which is where you will find all the ‘Midi Melodies’ Progressions you have purchased. This allows you to flick between the progressions and find the vibe you are looking for..  Jam Different!