Here you will find tutorial videos on how to use the 'Midi Melodies' Progressions:

Midi Melodies - MPC Live Progressions Tutorial - "The Basics"
A tutorial covering the basics of the 'Midi Melodies' progressions showing where to find them on your MPC to use them with plug in tracks and arpeggiators. 

Midi Melodies - Midi Keyboard Mapping
A tutorial showing you how to use any midi keyboard and map it to the FREE Akai software called MPC Beats Software so you can trigger the pads using a midi keyboard.


It's just that easy! Immediate Music Making!
Midi Melodies are available to anyone, whether you own an MPC or not!  So even if you just own any midi keyboard, pad controller or even just your computer keyboard, you are able to Jam out using 'Midi Melodies' and get creating. You don't even need to own a DAW or purchase any software, so even if you just want to get into music making or get your kids into music production, 'Midi Melodies' is the immediate music making tool for both the beginner and the professional, inspiring anyone and everyone to get hands-on with the music that they're making so we can all.. Jam Different!