Submit Your Tracks

Submit your tracks!!

Submit your tracks and join the Musical Talent for The Noise Ratio!

Dear Friends, If you have landed here from one of our DM messages, or you are considering submitting music for The Noise Ratio, we want to quickly sum up who we are & what we are about in a small clear honest message. We are a growing Audio Visual company looking to release and develop awesome music / sound / visual tools for creatives. A Modern, fresh and forward looking company.

We are in the early stages of finding our creative collaborators … 

If you are interested in joining us we humbly ask you to read the below and play the film below to hear some funk funk funk & Visual Junk in the trunk.


Hey Music Creators.. Join our Crew at the Noise Ratio. We are a new label and creative family inviting you heroes of bedrooms and studios across the world.. Those keen to get their tracks released, so YOU can get paid for making awesome music demos for our Midi Melodies future releases.. are you interested in that? YES? 

We want YOU! …. YES YOU! 

Submit your tracks and become part of The Noise Ratio team releasing music on our Midi Melodies Label. You will get the chance to be featured on all of our channels, get interviews and artists profiles about you and join our growing musical family. We are keen to find the budding musicians who want to work with us and release their music with us, as well benefitting from the chance to Win an MPC Studio II and other exciting prizes.

We want you to be part of Noise Ratio and the bigger picture! We have a lot of awesome stuff in the making for you to get involved with and we can begin that journey here.

Submit Your Tracks

Send an email containing your music to ''.

Send what you think is your latest and best work to date. Select 1-2 tracks. Please don't send us everything you've ever made.

Have an explore of The Noise Ratio website and take a listen to the music. We aim to check submissions every week, we look forward to hearing your music and hopefully getting you on board!



Midi Melodies