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By Future Entropy

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The Future is uncertain... random chaos in the system... we chose ‘Disrupt or be Disrupted’ as our Maxim.

F.E is a tough little design unit, based in the UK. We are a diverse team of ages, backgrounds and influences. Gravitational urban mesh of machine, culture living & creating into the now, past, and futurism… We are aesthetic, ephemeral and Hi-tek, deep into wearables and machine driven conceptual art, we are about instinct not trends. Driven by well crafted and understated design, for the futurescape
12-bit, RGB, CMYK & Augmented Unreality - duel function, front loading and psyche upgraded to connect with the inner sphere fabric of space - time - entropy.
So be prepared to get all your favourite machines pushed through the optics of Future Entropy... from our minds to yours.

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