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Title: Tracks: Midi Melodies - collection playlist
Handle: th-midi-melodies-collection-playlist
Description:all tracks in the Midi Melodies collection playlist
Parent Collection(s):midi-melodies
Parent Product(s):midi-melodies-001-philly-disco|midi-melodies-002-french-touch|midi-melodies-003-ukg-brstl
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No. Name Artist Remixer Label Genre Keywords Desc Dur BPM Key Mode Link Handles Type
1 Haze Canamo The Noise Ratio Lo Fi 96 105 Am Minor Music Track
2 Karma Canamo The Noise Ratio Lo Fi 101 90 G#m Minor Music Track
3 We Are One Canamo The Noise Ratio Hip Hop 157 92 Am Minor Music Track
4 Got What You Need Psilocybe The Noise Ratio Drum & Bass 252 174 Em Minor Music Track
5 Samsara Psilocybe The Noise Ratio NeuroHop 113 102 D#m Minor Music Track
6 Genshin WRZL Boy The Noise Ratio Trap 130 80 Am Minor Music Track
7 Rio WRZL Boy The Noise Ratio Trap 148 164 Am Minor Music Track
8 The Last Reunion Benadrill The Noise Ratio Breakbeat 176 137 Gm Minor Music Track
9 Time's Passing Canamo The Noise Ratio Lo Fi 119 76 Gm Minor Music Track
10 Visceral Echo Park The Noise Ratio House 245 120 Gm Minor Music Track
11 Phonic Benadrill The Noise Ratio Garage 208 131 Fm Minor Music Track
12 Class of '98 Zodia The Noise Ratio Garage 119 130 D Major Music Track